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The Perfect Woman

Automatically and unconsciously when we think about “The One” or someone in the process of looking for their soulmate the gender we associate usually with this soul searching is female. But what about the guys? Us girls may have to kiss a lot of frogs to find our Prince, but guys don’t have it any easier, they have to ride a lot of buses before they get their Porsche. Today I am going to dissect the characteristics that make the perfect woman so when she does come along you’ll know and not just fuck and go.

#Fuck and Duck #Ride and Glide #Hump and Dump #Screw and Toodaloo 

  1. She’s Decisive

  1. She’s Confident

  1. Shes Honest 

  1. Shes Hilarious

  1. Shes Sexy

  1. Shes Independent 

  1. Shes Drama-Free

If Stacey is such a biotch for taking her top and leaving tan marks on it how is your new boo going to react when she see’s what you’ve done to the toilet, the skid marks may fade but a drama prone girl is for life.

8. And for the very particular Gent

She will have an ass that wont quit, a mute button, be like Tescos and be open 24/7 and have a fundamental understanding and love for your favorite games and sports.And although there are probably many many more characteristics that go into the perfect woman  I’m going to have to stop here as I’ll end up screwing myself over and the rest of the female population. Happy Hunting.

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