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Sugar Daddies: The leading cause of tooth decay in young adolescents

We all have different goals, aspirations, even dreams. Some of us seek love, others fortune and some of us are seeking

Seeking arrangement is not your average dating website, its a website designed to bring Sugar Daddies (successful, rich,mature horny men) and Sugar Babies (attractive, fit available young women) together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The controversial website is now a global phenomenon with over 10 million members signed up to the site worldwide. However its not the only one of its kind, simply type into Google ‘Sugar Daddies Australia’ and you will be greeted with an alarming, and potentially prosperous 408,000 hits, with sites ranging from ‘whats your price’, to ‘billionaires club’ and even ‘Craig’s List’.

Seeing as 1 in every 114 Australian women between the ages of 21-27 are currently engaged in one of these relationships I feel obliged to go all-out blogger on this and have a little disclaimer (please skip if you don’t give a shit). I know that I am very fortunate in life, my parents have provided a beautiful house that I can call home, the opportunity to be educated and to further that education and have always been there to offer sound advice when my star sign predicts danger on the horizon. I know that not everyone is as lucky, and that such sites are used by girls who desperately need assistance paying bills like rent and  ever rising tuition fees, who, without such benefaction would have failed to attain if faced alone. I am not here to cast judgement on anyone who uses these sites as a genuine form of financial aid, I’m here to discuss the online retirement home.

Who doesn’t love old people? David Attenborough’s old and who doesn’t love Dave the Brave? But do you really want him narrating the mating ritual of the rare and exotic aged Trouser Snake?No, so my question is, if Davids King Cobra makes you coil why would 52 year old Accountant, Seamus from Ennistymon Co.Clare make you drop your knickers faster than a spicy Thai Green Curry? The answer: Money.

On average a sugar baby receives an allowance of approximately $3000 dollars a month, and that doesn’t include the gifts, the fine dining and spontaneous trips to such exotic locations as Tramore (Not sponsered by Discover I must admit when I was researching and read just how much money some girls make off these Viagra crammed fossils I was intrigued.  To those of you who are wondering if I joined this site and got wrapped up in the sugar baby world prepare to be disappointed. Unfortunately the closest I’ve been to becoming one is dropping one them Jelly Babies down my top at the cinema and finding it a few days later.

Yes money is great, lavish gifts amazing, but honestly I cant help but think that this is just a glossed up, and somewhat socially acceptable form of prostitution.  Prostitution by definition is ‘the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment’. The only difference here is rather than it occurring in the back alleys by your local chipper it takes place at restaurants that don’t offer plastic forks. Yes the idea of silverware would make any girl weak at the knees, but so weak that you find yourself getting face-frosted/dusted by a man who could pass as Santa or worse Gramp’s?

Look if you want a quick means of getting money go for it, but maybe when you find yourself standing in front of the mirror in his luxury pad wearing his toupee and removing the oxygen tube from his butt-hole,maybe its time to consider getting a job? My advice, although you have plenty of experience perhaps it would be wise to stay clear of working in a nursing home., just because they’re short of hearing doesn’t mean your past lover hasn’t Morse coded on your nudes. And to the men out there whose bulge is the result of the wad of cash in his pocket or the result of a medically induced stimulant, perhaps stop blowing your load and pension schemes. My input is free, the girls aren’t.