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Stay Stun Hun: A guide to being stunning

I recall my Mother telling me during my Acne-phase that “Beauty get’s attention, Personality captures the heart” and as I got older and my blemishes faded I realized that my mother was full of shit.

So how do you go from Ah you would on a night out to getting the poke on Facebook? Here’s what I found:

  1. Fake it till you make it 

  1.  Thanks hun, it’s Penny’s 

3.  Talk the Talk

The Oral part is easy for any stunner, they’ve probably been doing oral for a number of years now, what trips the minger’s up from making that transition to pure Bebo Stunnah is the written exam. Every true hun knows you must end every text with at least four emojis and xoxo out of tribute for Gossip Girl, this includes to your friends, your frenemies, your ma, pa and even the Just Eat delivery driver who dropped you off your spice bag.

4. I’ve allergies 

Being a hun you should be dining out for Brekkie, Lunch and Dinner a minimum of 4 times a week so that you can post about it on the gram, that doesn’t mean you have to eat it cause eating is for the middle class and the fat. But don’t just order off the menu, that’s where I was going wrong all these years. In fact you need to be the most difficult hun at the table, a quote I #LiveBy is “I won’t even call my partner Honey cause I’m that vegan“.

5. Picture Perfect

Best way to insure that of happening is having a bunch of sexy, fun and candid shots with perfectly googled captions, if you are missing any of the following run to the nearest dimly #lit room, take off your trackie and brush your hair out of a bun cause we’ve got work to do.

  1. The “O-M-G the Barista spelt my name wrong #I don’t even drink coffee

  1. The Happy Halloween #Spooky Gardai post

  1. The Bikini throwback image of you missing Summer and from the amount of sucking in your doing being able to breath whilst said picture is being taken 

  1. Because how else would people know its Christmas 

  1. The “Tnxs 2 da gals @lookatmefuckingclaws for dah new nailz”

  1. If you don’t take a picture how would people know if you went or not

Anyway I’ve got to dash dolls. And remember being clever, kind, funny and comfortable in your own skin is over rated and just saying that makes you a 2/10.

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