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Liar, Liar pants on Fire

The University of Massachusetts recently conducted a study on lying and found that 60 percent of participants lied at least once during a ten minute conversation, with the average person lying two-three times during this period.  Lying is clearly ingrained into the human psyche, everyone lies from the Virgin Mary (good one love) to you lying to yourself about that New Year New You plan you swore you’d stick to.

I’m not going to get into the psychology behind why we lie because there are far too many Scientific Papers on it and i’m too lazy to read them – there’s some honesty for you.

What I can do is list some of the everyday lies we tell so you can become more aware of the fibs that leave your mouth and the ones that enter your ears from others so you can call them out on their bullshit.

  1. I’ll just go out for One.

Quickly becomes one too many.

2. Sorry, cant make it tonight anymore something came up.

Sorry Cough* I’m sick. Boo you Whore.

3. I have read the terms and conditions. 

Bitch ain’t got time for dah.

4.  You look great! 

Where did you get your dress? The garbage store.

5. I’m fine.

Just on your third mental break down of the day.

6. I’m on my way 

Traffic is crazy!

7. No way, I didn’t know that!

The the best actress award goes to…

8.  No thanks I’m not hungry. 

When you just say no because you want to be polite and low key spend the next three days fantasizing over that cake.

9.  Lets keep in touch. 

And another one bites the dust.

10. LOL

Are you really laughing out loud to that text? Didn’t think so.

11. I floss. 

12. Oh my God, its HUGE!

Hugely disappointing.

13. Your baby is so cute

14. Oh I didn’t see you there.

Note to self work on avoiding eye contact so you don’t have to speak to them ever again.

15. I’m so over her/him.

Your internet browser history would beg to differ stalker.

16. Works going Great. 

17. #NoFilter

Got ourselves a Pinocchio

18. I’m not angry.

The labyrinth that is a woman’s mind.

19. Thanks Gran I love it. 

Anyway I got to go to lots of Fabulous events because I’m a Famous Blogger.

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