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Blogger Mc Blogger

Blogger Mc Blogger is a name anyone who is friends with me on Snapchat is well accustomed with. She’s hip, she’s trendy and she’s got the inside scoop on everything. Legend has it that Donald Trumps Wig was made from her mothers chest hair, that Gossip Girl got all her inside scoops from her, and that Hector Ó hEochagái once told her to fuck off. Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, I have Blogger Mac Blogger.

My blog isn’t going to be about the latest fashion trends or how to achieve the perfect contour, its just me writing whatever comes in to my head that I wish to share with the world. I haven’t got a journalism degree, or a heightened level of self entitlement, just a basic white girl looking for a creative outlook.

I have wanted to write a blog for the past number of years but have always feared the response it would get, however recently I have come to the conclusion that too often we spend our lives thinking of what we would like to do but don’t act on these desires, and as long as these desires are positive and good-natured and don’t involve a desire to kill people- Larry Murphy calling you out- then why not go for it.

I’m hoping to post around two blogs a week and will keep you updated on what I’m working on in one of the Widgets. Hope you enjoy them and they make you laugh or even think for a second, or at least give you and your friends something to hate on.